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Question: Is there any third party decrpter needed for original Blu-ray

Answer: Yes. To work with original Blu-ray movies you need AnyDVD HD or DVDFab Passkey.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from DVD movies

Answer:You can copy a DVD movie with our software but we do not support to remove Cinavia from DVD movies.

Can I remove Cinavia from Blu-ray 3D

Answer:Not yet. This is currently in development.

Question:I got the message 'The database and torrent file are too different'

Answer:If you have download the file from a torrent network, download another one. Some movies are cutted or contain an trailer of the release group.
Another issue maybe that you have downloaded a Screener, Webrip or DVD rip. Download a movie with a Blu-ray source.

Question: I got the message 'Cannot initialize Codec'

Answer: Please contact our support in case of this. Maybe you have found a format that is not supported by us.
Not supported: WMV video files

Please send your support request here