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Question: Is there any third party decrpter needed for original Blu-ray?

Answer: You only need a decrypter if you want to remove Cinavia out of a original Blu-ray disk. If the Blu-ray movie is allready copied/ripped or downloaded, you do not need a decrypter.
For downloaded torrent video files, a decrypter is not needed, too. For more information, check our decrypter information page.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from DVD movies?

Answer: You can copy a DVD movie with our software but we do not support to remove Cinavia from DVD movies.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from Blu-ray 3D?

Answer: Not yet. This is currently in development.

Question: What is SoundTouch(Beta)?

Answer: CinEx Soundtouch (Beta) is an earlier release of a new method to eliminate Cinavia from movies for which no database is available yet. It is no permanent removal technology as CineX HD. CinEx Soundtouch was developed for so called screener. So people can watch brand new movies without the annoying Cinavia message.

You can use it temporary until a new database is available.The quality is far away from CinEx HD but better than old CinEx. It works with 2 and 6 channel audio and on most common audio codecs.
How it works: Just Select “CinEx Soundtouch (Beta)” from the “Use CinEx:” comboxbox or checkmark the option in CinEx HD Utility. Thats it.

You will get an information message box that will explain that you will use a Beta version.CinEx Soundtouch (Beta) was tested with many movies but Cinavia can still pop up. On some screener this happen because the audio is really tampered and so some audio frequencies are shifted. CinEx Soundtouch will not hit this frequencies and so Cinavia will be detected. Thus, you must use a screener with a better quality.

Question: Where can I find the Torrent Tab?

Answer: Since a couple of months the torrent function was removed from DVD-Ranger and moved to CinEx HD Utility. This was done to improve this great feature. Now you can remove Cinavia from original blu-rays, allready done copies and ripped or downloaded video files.
Download CinEx HD Utility, it is free for all DVD-Ranger customers.

Question: I got the message 'The database and torrent file are too different'

Answer: If you have download the file from a torrent network, download another one. Some movies are cutted or contain an trailer of the release group.
Another issue maybe that you have downloaded a Screener, Webrip or DVD rip. Download a movie with a Blu-ray source.

Question: I got the message 'Cannot initialize Codec'

Answer: Please contact our support in case of this. Maybe you have found a format that is not supported by us.
Not supported: WMV video files

Please send your support request here