DVD and Blu-ray copying without Cinavia

The developers of the DVD-Ranger software have the first future-proof solution for Cinavia free DVD and Blu-ray

Santa Ponsa (Spain), 09/21/2012 – Many DVD and Blu-ray users know this problem: the DVD or Blu-ray playback stops suddenly with a cryptic error message or remains frozen or silent. This is caused by the relatively new copy protection system Cinavia.

Shortly after the Cinavia solution of DVDFab has been once again made useless by the Cinavia producer, DVD-Ranger Software offers help. The developers of DVD-Ranger have eliminated the Cinavia’s signal during the development of other software by accident. The Cinavia’s signal has been changed so that it has become unreadable. They have not fought against the Cinavia’s system directly; it is more likely triggered by a design error of Cinavia itself.

Pixbyte has chosen the release date for the DVD-Ranger 5 with Cinavia module to be 10/31/2012 (Halloween). At the moment, the solution is being tested by well known people in the world of copying. Approx. 55% of all reported Blu-ray Region A/B disks and DVDs have been successfully tested so far. It will be also tested on PS3, various Blu-ray players and PowerDVD.

Pixbyte is known by the DVD neXt COPY Software and DVD-Ranger products line. Pixbyte has been present for about 10 years on the backup and copy software market.

Price and availability: DVD-Ranger 5 is currently available as pre-order at a price of $69.99. The final release price will be approx. $89.99. The Cinavia module will cost approx. $39.99 (included in pre-order).

About Pixbyte:
Pixbyte is a trusted and respected researcher and developer of CD/DVD and BD recording and conversion technology. Its products are sold worldwide and are utilized by end-users and companies. The products are designed to provide speed and quality of copy operations and are developed continually in accordance with technological progress.

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    • ALbert S Durrer

      Robert, the new verson 5 upgrade coming out 10/31/12, do we get the upgrade or do we have to pay for it?.
      Thanks for the information. You do a great job of keeping us informed. You are a good friend, Blessing..

      • Al as always stated on the DVDRanger web site when you buy DVDRanger
        Lifetime Free Support
        Lifetime Free Update,

        When Ver 5 is released only ad on extra will be the New Module coming , and that’s only for BluRay usage. so that would be up to you the user and how you use the software.

    • admin

      We see it difference. Removing Cinavia is not part of common functions of DVD-Ranger. But in all, things like Cinavia removing do not fall from heaven, it is much and hard work. Work is expensive.
      And is it bad to first get the finacial ROI (Return of investment)? I think this is nature of business.

      Since 2,5 years, we offer free updates. What you got for free:
      - Blu-ray cloning, Blu-ray ripping, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray authoring, Blu-ray to DVD, DVD to Blu-ray, DVD authoring, GPU Encoding and Decoding
      - Not to forget the free DVD-Ranger Player with innovative FrameDoubler Technology

      It is amazing that you now nagging around a module that you can pre-order for $19.99 and that is the only working solution available. Look, DVD-Ranger works without this module, you do not need to buy it, just organize a Blu-ray Player without Cinavia.
      But finaly, I expect that you respect our business and our work.

  1. grig

    I absolutely agree with you. You do the work – you must be compensated!
    I have pre-ordered the module and hope you will continue to work on further impovemennts to this great software.
    Thank you

  2. Frank

    When I click on the pre-sale in the e-mail the price is $39.99 not $19.99. I assume you sold a 1 year option and this is the price for the upgrade from that? If so, where do I go for the $19.99 update.

      • Frank Godino

        Sorry to keep asking, but to clarify, so I don’t need to pay extra for the Cinavia module if I already had a lifetime DVD-Ranger? And if I do need to pay, how do I go about it? Thanks.

  3. Hal

    i was just making a comment…i just got dvd ranger 4…so i don’t know all of the situation. i was just amazed that i had just got dvd ranger 4 and am asked to pay out more…it’s just that i thought free updates for life meant all updates….sorry for being so uninforned about what is free and what is not. i agree with you about being compensated, but when i got the license it didn’t mention that add-ons were not included in the free updates.

  4. Hal

    i am not trying to be rude, i just thought free updates meant anything added to dvd ranger was included. i am willing to pay for the update, will i still need anydvd too….sorry, i am a poor man and every $20 is hard to come by, so i was just expressing my feelings on the subject. anydvd was extra that i didn’t know i needed either. also ANY new improvements could be considered not part of common functions of DVD-Ranger, that is all i was saying. no hard feelings, i really like dvd ranger even though the last two movies i used it on it did not work.
    keep up the good work

  5. Hal when you get the time please drop by the forum so we came sort out the movie titles you were not able to do, we are always there to assist in any way we can.


    ANYDVDHD is a Decryption Tool if you Back up BluRay but also works on DVD’s you are always going to need it , I recommend the life time registration on this tool most of us do have it and understand why we have it
    VlclibDVDcss Is a Decryption tool only works on DVD
    Cinavia IS NOT A Decryption tool , it is and add on connivance module to circumvent if you have certain players that Cinavia pesters you or gives you trouble then you will need it. Note: not everyone will need this tool but most of us who have been backing up our collections for years understand why we would buy this important add on Note: that It is not a DVD-Ranger update/upgrade and will most likely like DVDRanger have the same offering. with future updates. and they are 2 different Products

    But please drop by the forum and let us know what movie titles you were having issues with.

    I hope this clarified the subject Hal

  6. Hal

    ok, so is the Cinavia Module we will get a lifetime add-on? just wondering and thank you for offering your assistance in the forum. you have a great product and i am not trying to say it isn’t, best i have had by far. and i will drop by the forum…thanks again

    • There are Master Topic sections in orange that will guide you to needs or just drop into General member lounge and ask your question and some one will redirect you to the topic needed But , there are Tutorials sections on correct DVD-Ranger settings and usage.

    • Yes it will install on 3 installations the same as the DVDRanger program, all of these questions you ask are all answered in the forum, and plenty to read, so grab a very large cup of coffee or RedBull ,, again if you cant find what your looking for just post in the members Lounge. we will get you in the right place , If still confuse just call the Hotline and I will get you going towards the right section.

  7. Viktor


    From yesterday, I cannot see the pre-order option for this:

    Price and availability: DVD-Ranger 5 is currently available as pre-order at a price of $69.99. The final release price will be approx. $89.99. The Cinavia module will cost approx. $39.99 (included in pre-order).

    Why? Thank you..

    One more question: Does the “decoding-reeconding” with the Cinavia module affect the quality of the audio stream? Or it means some noticable difference in quality? Will you support every type of audio? (DTS HD MA, DolbyHD, etc..) Thanks..

    • admin

      Sorry, the offer to order with a price of 69.99 USD has ended. It was a limited offer.

      The Audio is decoded and then will be recoded. Sure, there will be a difference between original and new decoded audio because it is not encoded with an high end studio master software.

  8. An00bis

    “DVD-Ranger 5 is currently available as pre-order at a price of $69.99. The final release price will be approx. $89.99. The Cinavia module will cost approx. $39.99 (included in pre-order).”

    OK, where can i find this offer? If i click “Get The Pre-Sale Option Now” i see the purchase side only. And if i sum up the lifetime registrations for both (Ranger and Cinavia) i will have to pay about 110$ (90 for ranger, 20 for Cinavia) and not 69,99$. Has this offer ran out?

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